Your local real estate firm invested in the area and giving back to the community!


    The Douglas Day Property Group is a boutique style real estate firm located in downtown Mt. Pleasant.  We are positioned to handle all of your real estate needs.  We specialize in providing a personal style of service to cater to our clients' Real Estate needs.  We prefer forward thinking and targeted advertising vs. placing signs and generic ads and waiting for a buyer.  We hunt for that buyer in order to get our listing sold quickly.  

     We are also extremely well equipped to handle any of your property management needs, including multifamily homes and apartment complexes, in central Michigan and surrounding areas.  Our web based platform is unparalleled.

      We offer very competitive commission rates for all of our services.  We have full MLS access and we utilize all the same tools and sales techniques of the larger brokers at reasonable rates with a personal touch.


Where did Douglas Day come from?

     We are often asked where it all began.  We saw a need for a locally owned and operated Real Estate Company that could handle the needs of this "small town" community in a "big city" way.  We identified those needs as; Real Estate Purchases, Real Estate Sales, Investment Aquisitions & Property Management.  We started our Real Estate careers directly after attending CMU (where we met) in 2001.  We began as Agents in Grand Rapids where we worked for an amazing team at Re/Max Of Grand Rapids.  

     That team quickly rose to the top and was awarded the Number One spot in Michigan for three straight years.  As time went on, we married and decided to start a family.  Grand Rapids is a great city, but we decided to move back to Mt. Pleasant where we had deep roots and family.

The Name...Who is Douglas Day...?  

     We are the sole owners of Douglas Day Property Group,LLC. When discussing names for the new brokerage, we wanted something that reminded us what we have at stake with this company and what we want to create for it moving forward. Our greatest measure of success will be to have any of our children take over in the company when they are done with their education. With that in mind we took the middle names of our twins, Cruz Douglas and Chloe Day. And from there a company was formed both in name and model.  Our kids names are on our letterhead. We make decisions daily to make them proud of the company that will someday be theirs.

     Keith is the Primary Broker/Owner of The Douglas Day Property Group, LLC. He has 14 years experience in property management, real estate investment, acquisitions, and sales. He oversees all aspects of the company, and sets the pace and direction of where the company is heading.

     Keith has the necessary knowledge and experience to properly market, price, and maintain your investment. He is driven to find ways to increase his client's revenue and decrease their expenses. 



  Kim is the co-founder and Associate Broker at The Douglas Day Property Group. She has been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2001. She holds a Finance/Investments degree from Central Michigan University. From 2002-2008 she coordinated well over 2,000 real estate and investment transactions while working for one of the most successful real estate teams in the state. She is in the top percentile when it comes to working with title insurance,  real estate contract law, investments, and closings.

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